November President Report

November 20, 2008 by  

As I write this it is now mid November and the temp. is finally starting to drop.

The Gos I have is now eating off the fist but shows no sign of jumping to a lure yet. I’ve just had him 10 days now and hope to be flying him at bags within the next 2 weeks and be ready for the Dec meet on the weekend of the 20th.

I have been doing a lot pheasant hunting with a shotgun and the dogs are finally getting into the routine. Locally the pheasant population took a hit, but a trip to NW IA put a lot of birds in the bag. I got a chance to spend time with both Lance and Ross while up there and got a look at their up and coming falcons.

A lot has happened to falconry in the last year, the feds are deregulating and the states are going to be looking at the regs in a whole new light. I’ v talked with Steve Dermand several times and found him to be receptive to many of the changes, but he does insist that any changes will have to be backed by the group that he won’t be dealing with individuals on a case by case basis.

I hope we can have some input at the Marshall town meet and get a direction from IFA members. If you want a say of how falconry will take shape in the state you need to attend some meets.

Lastly, if you are reading this you have become aware of the new IFA web site. We are a big state with few falconers and the hope is to get people to know each other and breathe some life into our club. I see people are bouncing ideas around for future meets, trapping and hunting stories are all what we live for in this sport keep them coming.

I need to thank Mark Washburn and Larry Hayes for making this site possible.

For those who don’t know Mark he was one of the founders of the IFA and is still giving years after he left the sport for other pursuits. Larry Hayes was my apprentice and he took this on with a little arm twisting and has been great at the day to day aspect of keeping this site orderly. He also gives me an occasional phone call to tell me I need to get with the program.

If you have any ideas for the site contact Larry or I, we are always looking for new ideas.

See you in Marshalltown,



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